1. My morning ritual.


  2. Yosemite
    Part. 1

    After camping in the Alabama Hills, Trevor and I headed north to Yosemite. We were able to meet up with our good friend Scott And spend a few days in the enjoying the park. Here’s a snippet of one of our mornings.


  3. Alabama Hills

    About 3 weeks ago I quit my job of four years to go a three month road trip from Ventura, California to Banff, Canada. I’ll be camping out of my van and shooting along the way.

    I hope you enjoy following along.


  4. Tenaya Lake

    The only so called shower I’ve had in the last 3 1/2 days.
    #gooutside #goexplore #yosemite #landscape #createdtopurse #liveauthentic #vsco #explore #vsco #vscogang #camping #vanlife #california (at Tenaya Lake)


  5. My good buddy Trevor surprised me today with this awesome present today. Over the last month we’ve been working on a project in my van to make it a self contained living space. This is on the back drawer.
    I quit my job of four years a week ago to go a three month road trip. I’ll be driving from Ventura, California to Banff, Canada and back down. During the trip I’ll be living out of my van camping, visiting the major cities and destinations, and photographing the whole journey.
    I hope you enjoy following along.

    #createdtopursue #vanlife #gooutside #goexplore #roadtrip #liveauthentic #vsco #explore


  6. Thomas at Roger’s Hamburgers. 


  7. The mountains of Big Sur. 




  8. Shawn McKenzie Pt. 1



  9. Shawn McKenzie Pt. 2



  10. Sneak peek on what’s to come. 



  11. An oldie but a goodie. 



  12. Tree farm off the road from the drive from Portland to Coeur d’Alene. Needs some Bon Iver playing. 




  14. Hike around Tubbs Hill with Joshua Monteith (Moor Pictures) 



  15. My homie Chris smoking his pipe on our night hike around Mirror Lake in Oregon. Lit by my headlamp.