1. Canadian Rockies 


  2. Jasper National Park


  3. Canada Pt. 5 

    Jasper National Park


  4. Canada Pt. 4



  5. Canada Pt. 3

    Photos from Vancouver 


  6. Exploring in Tofino



  7. Canada Pt. 2

    Photos from Tofino 


  8. I got a roll of film back today and was able to revisit my trip to Canada with @cglasky. Road trip essentials, Cup of Noodles.
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  9. Canada Pt. 1

    An assortment of photos from my time in Canada. 


  10. Tofino


  11. Portland

    Again, I’m continuing with the theme of posting super late. About three weeks I was able to spend a full week in Portland. It was such a good time to relax, sleep under a roof, enjoy some amazing food, coffee, and company. 

    This is a pretty scattered collection of my time spent in the city. First is a evening spent exploring and shooting the city at night. Second is some portraits of an old friend from Coeur d’Alene, ID, Stephen Sturges. He’s a rad film photographer who moved to Portland a few months ago. Third is an evening we spent having great conversation overlooking Portland’s industrial/railway section. 


  12. Crater Lake, OR

    My last night in Crater Lake I was cooking dinner when Logan and Sarah unexpectedly walked into my campsite. They pulled up with their Ford Camper and said the site was full and asked if I’d be willing to split the site. They looked like pretty rad people so I agreed. 

    As the night went on I found out that they had been traveling in their truck for the last 8 months, rock climbing, surfing, and fly fishing. They started their trip by going down to Patagonia, Chile, were continuing up to Washington and back down to Colorado. As the night went on we enjoyed a couple beers around the campfire and talked life. I found out Logan is originally from Carpenteria, CA and Sarah was from Hawaii. We had a great time talking about our travels and the places we loved in Southern California. 
    That night was such a great experience. Being able to meet complete strangers, enjoy conversation, and talk life. Logan and Sarah are setting their sites on making Boulder, CO their home and taking adventures from there. I hope the best for them and their adventures.

  13. Kipton, Tanya, Wilderness & Couredge 


  14. Mendocino, Ca


  15. San Francisco